Native Remedy


"Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for medicine."

~ Ezekiel 47:12

Discover the Power of Nature~

What We Offer

We are committed to providing the highest quality Full-Spectrum CBD products on the market and pride ourselves on offering all-natural, third-party tested, CBD oils and extracts.


Many companies are now using synthetic CBD crystal isolates to make their products.  With our full-spectrum products, you are getting all of the cannabinoids of the plant, and not just the single molecule of CBD.  Our products are whole-plant extracts, not synthetic or a CBD isolate.

Clean Green Certified

Clean green certified is a label given to cannabis that is grown in an Organic manner but is unable to be labeled as such by the FDA because they do not test cannabis for organic certification.  The cannabis industry took it upon itself to develop the standards for Clean Green to provide the consumer a product cultivated with integrity and consistency.


Our CBD is extracted using a cold CO2 extracting method.  This method does not require heat or solvents, and the entire spectrum of cannabinoids are retained in the blend.

Who We Are

Native Remedy was founded by Colton McNabb, an enrolled tribal member of the Tulalip Tribes.  The Tulalip Tribes of Washington (/tʊˈleɪlɪp/ tuu-LAY-lip) is a federally recognized tribe of Duwamish, Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Skagit, Suiattle, Samish, and Stillaguamish people. They are South and Central Coast Salish peoples of indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. They are located North of Everett and the Snohomish River and west of Marysville in Washington State.

Growing up on the reservation, Colton has witnessed drug addiction and the loss of many loved ones at the hands of, not only street drugs, but pharmaceutical drugs.  He understands  that the war on drugs doesn't end on our streets, many of the drug addiction problems we face come from doctors we trust.  

Colton retains his ancestral love of nature and believes that land is more than just the ground beneath our feet.  As a Christian, he leans on the truths spoken in the bible about the earth and all of its goodness.  Colton's love and respect of God, his family, his culture and God's people is ultimately what led him to create Native Remedy as a way to offer a better choice.... a natural choice, for pain relief.

Native Remedy 

Your Choice for Natural Healing